latest hindi movie: Dangerous Ishq-mix of myth and mystery

latest hindi movie

latest hindi movie: Dangerous Ishq

After six years,Karisma Kapoor returns with latest hindi movie “Dangerous Ishq” -a startling mix of myth and mystery .Individuals who loves thriller latest hindi movie can throng the cinema threaters on Friday.

Moreover,the film is in 3D.You could not believe in past lives.Directed by Vikram Bhatt makes you think punar-janam features a future in our cinema.

From the opening scenes exactly where Sanjana (Karisma) turns back from a site visitors snarl on the strategy to Mumbai airport to board a flight for a year of a posh a modelling assignment in Paris, to be with her beau (Rajniesh Duggal), you know in relation to love this lady implies enterprise.
Karisma Kapoor is getting explained by a psychiatrist, or hypnotist, about the secret of past lives and about how the thoughts doesn’t bear in mind what one’s soul does.

Bhatt gets considerable support from his technicians in creating a rugged reverberant artefact that carries the adore tale via centuries of strife, blood shed and anguish. The drama is designed having a keen eye for heightened emotions. And however ironically, Karisma pitches her efficiency at a subdued decibel. Even when her soul screams in protest at being separated from her eternal lover by way of 4 life times, the actress exudes fortitude andrestrain.

Karisma gets in a position help from a slew of capable actors playing her predatory male adversary in various lifetimes. Rajineish partners her ably. Ravi Kissan and Aarya Babbar stand out amongst the villains who wish to separate them.

Divya Dutta as Karisma’s friend the moment once again proves that she can carry any type of scenario to a believable level. Even so, Gracy Singh as Meerabai provides unintended laughter.

As for Jimmy Sheirgill, here’s an actor who by no means lets a script down. Here he has a function that reveals numerous dark shades of psychological trauma as it progresses from investigating a kidnapping to investing in afterlife. Jimmy is every single bit in form.

However the film’s true hero is Karisma. She is virtually in every single frame. Cinematographer Pravin Bhatt captures Karisma’s lucid face in dazzling shades suggesting an ageless fusion of night and day.

Indeed, this is a film that takes us far beyond the accepted boundaries of entertainment to forge a new genre of cinematic encounter exactly where the “pauranic katha” of Savitri retrieving her husband from the clutches of Yama, the God of death, is taken to an unexplored degree of cinema.

The film told by means of a lot of eras of tumult, mythology and background engages our consideration on many levels. It takes its interestingly-etched protagonist by means of several lives in search of her missing soulmate. This commodiousepic time-frame stretching from 2012 to the 16th century provides Karisma a chance to slip into a number of costume adjustments.

Thankfully for her and for the audience, latest hindi movie “Dangerous Ishq” is just not only about obtaining in to the appropriate clothes. Amin Hajee’s script makes resonant existential statements without acquiring the plot tangled in suggestions and concepts. Beyond a point it ceases to matter no matter whether the audience believes in after-life or reincarnation.

Bhatt’s splendidly executed mythological-thriller just tends to make you thankful for the gift of mythology, philosophy and cinematic approach that makes a film so daring in concept come alive in flaming colours of pain anger defiance and redemption.

In “Raaz”, 10 years ago Bhatt had explored the same theme. Here, he takes the theme for the arena from the unknown.

Indeed latest hindi movie“Dangerous Ishq” is really a far higher achievement than a sum-total of its storytelling and method. Bhatt creates an audacious heady mix of mythology along with the supernatural.

This film could be interpreted as an illustrated graphic novel with the 3D effects becoming optional. Leave it out, and you are still left with a film that balances several lives inside the exact same line of vision without having producing the drama a slave to period or costumes. -latest hindi movie

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Tweet movie Review: ‘Ishaqzaade’, first day, first show

movie review : ishaqzaade

movie review : ishaqzaade

movie review : ishaqzaade- Director Habib Faisal has received accolades for his very first film ‘Do Dooni Chaar’. Now, the storyteller has returned with ‘movie review : ishaqzaade’ starring Boney Kapoor’s son Arjun Kapoor and Parineeti Chopra.

Developed by Yash Raj Films, ‘movie review : ishaqzaade’ is about little town gang lords. The promos from the film have generated excellent enthusiasm amongst the viewers, along with the chemistry between the lead actors is quite visible, but the actual test will happen in the audience’s court.

Rohit Vats of IBNLive is inside the theater to reside tweet the experience of ‘movie review : ishaqzaade‘.

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JANNAT 2 (2012): Movie Review


JANNAT 2 Movie Review

JANNAT 2 Movie Review

In ‘JANNAT 2 Movie Review’, we match the suave and cunning ‘Sonu Dilli’, who lives life by his personal rules. Not a single to think within the merits of difficult work, he depends on his smooth-talking capabilities and polished persona to move by way of the journey of lifetime. ‘Sonu’ is not a man of higher morals either and, as well as his close buddy ‘Balli’, he is involved in local (and illegal!) gun-trading routines. Whatever may well be the difficulties in life at any time, ‘Sonu’ has a simple (and shortcut!) solution for every little thing. In fact, he rather proudly wears the title ‘Kutti Kamini Cheez’ that ‘Balli’ had given him!

Even so, fate, at instances, has specific plans which can catch even Bollywood heroes unawares. Inside a opportunity encounter, ‘Sonu’ meets the stringent ‘ACP Pratap Raghuvanshi’ (Randeep Hooda), who has taken a pledge to eliminate the gun-dealing racket from his city. Apart from, obviously, his commitment to uphold the law, ‘Pratap’ also features a secret, personal tragedy in his past life that drives him on in his mission against all gun-runners. A determined man himself, ‘Pratap’ convinces ‘Sonu’ to switch sides and perform as an undercover agent, passing on the most recent details and plans from the gun trading nexus. The unlikely duo of a challenging cop and a man having a shady past strides out to rid the city of illegal activities.

The principle dilemma with ‘JANNAT 2 Movie Review’ is the fact that, it will not supply considerably within the way of novelty in its major storyline. The JANNAT 2 Movie Review is smartly packaged and moves on at a pretty good pace, but the proceedings and the plot twists (you’ll find fairly several of them!) will not be especially surprising, or indeed, impressive. Director Kunal Deshmukh yet again showcases his mastery more than storytelling (right after the impressive ‘Jannat’ as well as the slightly underperforming ‘Tum Mile’). It’s a pity that Deshmukh is burdened having a fairly mundane script (by Shagufta Rafique) in ‘JANNAT 2 Movie Review’.

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latest hindi movies : Houseful 2

latest hindi movies Houseful 2

latest hindi movies : Houseful 2

latest hindi movies Houseful 2 – The Dirty Dozen has turn into Bollywood superstar Akshay Kumar’s latest hindi movies Houseful 2 opener to date globally, generating just below a staggering £500,000 at the UK box office alone when it released inside the UK on 5th April 2012. The film is already the second highest opener in India this year.

An excited Sajid Khan who directed the film tweeted to his fans: “All screens are going Housefull. I attribute a significant component of its success to Akshay. He has been a superstar for the last eight years or so and can be a single for numerous a lot more years to go. The very best issue about the film is that Akshay’s work has been appreciated and this film is Akshay’s biggest hit overseas.”

Sealing his reputation because the accurate king of comedy, latest hindi movies Houseful 2 – The Dirty Dozen is a classic family film, with something to entertain all ages, with its blend of quirky comedy, hilarious mix-ups and some seriously hardcore action sequences. With regards to action films using a quirky, entertaining and rib-tickling comedy twist, Icon Akshay Kumar may be the best strongman using a soft comic centre. The high-kicking, all action hero of mega cinematic hits for example Singh Is Kinng, Welcome, Namastey London, De Dana Dhan and Desi Boyz, is entertaining audiences across the globe once far more in latest hindi movies Houseful 2 : The Dirty Dozen.

latest hindi movies Houseful 2 sees the ever-versatile and talented Akshay Kumar alongside a medley of stars like his top lady within the film Asin who performs the role of the vibrant ‘Sandy Henna’, the sultry Jacqueline Fernandez, comedy king-pin Riteish Deshmukh, and John Abraham in a function as you’ve by no means noticed him ahead of! Bollywood item queen Malaika Arora Khan brings the residence down with a smoldering song performance – ‘Anarkali Disco Chali ­. The all-star film also attributes a bevy of uber renowned names of yesteryear, such as legendary brothers Rishi and Randhir Kapoor, Boman Irani, Johnny Lever along with the dancing genius of ace groover Mithun Chakraborty. -latest hindi movies Houseful 2

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latest hindi movie: ‘Bumboo’ Review

latest hindi movie

latest hindi movie

latest hindi movie : Nobody knows the value of unlearning issues a lot more than a director having a theatre background. The audience very easily figures it out the moment a ‘narrator’ appears on the screen – an practically extinct art in Bollywood.

Last time it was Vivek Oberoi in ‘Deewane Huye Pagal’ who had donned the function of a narrator but the director Jagdish Rajpurohit’s theatre background provoked him to help keep 1 in his latest hindi movie too. The theme with the latest hindi movie is really easy.
It says life will screw you so preserve smiling.

The fundamental storyline has three branches. First branch deals having a down-on-luck photographer Suresh Sudhakar aka SuSu (Kavin Dave) and his wife Pinky (Mandy Takhar). Frustrated with her marriage, Pinky goes to a psychiatrist Dr D’Souza (Sumit Kaul) who convinces her to leave Suresh. D’Souza has a severe motive guiding his suggestions. He desires to marry Pinky himself.

Second branch shows an international hitman Mangal Singh (Sharat Saxena) who has been offered the job to get rid of a scamster Manu Gupta (Sudhir Pandey). The third sub-story revolves around Manu Gupta and his absurd activities. Who’s the narrator then?

Nicely, it’s a waiter Vincent (Sanjay Mishra).

Here comes the initial flaw with the script.

The waiter does not have the access to the story of Manu Gupta but he acts as a narrator. Ideally he ought to know all the characters.

Circumstances bring heavily depressed SuSu and Mangal Singh to the identical hotel exactly where Mangal Singh has to conceal his real identity while SuSu is hell bent on taking his support in coming out of depression.

Pinky, Dr. D’Souza and the police also land up inside the very same hotel in due course of time. Now, the hitman is waiting for Manu Gupta along with the other people are determined to produce him a good soul at any expense. The narrative technique follows a non-linear path exactly where the storyteller has taken support of parallel cutting to take the story forward.

The idea of shooting three stories separately and bringing them to a frequent conclusion doesn’t perform for really easy factors.

Very first reason: The acting is normally appalling. Kavin Dave looks funny but that is all about him. His dialogue delivery demands a good deal of fine tuning. Kavin’s movements appear so methodical that at occasions you are able to predict exactly where he will quit.

Presenting Sharat Saxena as a soft hearted killer can be a great concept but comedy does not appear to become his forte. He appears bored all through the film but black clothes suit him.

Sumit Kaul’s characterisation is really confused. He is neither funny nor vicious.

Mandy could be the weakest link and it really is the item number which makes her noticeable.

Direction is influenced by Rajpurohit’s theatre background. Sometimes actors take stretched movements in close up shots. Conversation in between actors is another issue. Either they may be asked to speak loudly or they just do not realise the jarring impact it creates. As well a lot dialogue leaves the audience confused.

The editor has done some glaring blunders. The technique has failed to hide continuity jumps in hotel space scenes. The cinematography is average. It appears that the director has deliberately left the scenic beauty of Goa out in the frame.

However the latest hindi movie has some excellent comic moments as well. The hotel area sequences amongst Kavin, Sanjay Mishra and Sharat Saxena generate laughter. An emotional scene among Mandy and Kavin can also be worth watching but such moments are uncommon.

Constraints of independent filmmaking are visible throughout the film. The problem of shooting the whole latest hindi movie inside limited locations mars the story.

Lack of punches in script punctures the chances of this comedy.

The good issue about ‘Bumboo’ is its climax. It is possible to definitely laugh towards the finish. And yes, Mika Singh’s song throughout the credits is worth dancing.

Message with the latest hindi movie fails to reach the spectator since Sanjay Mishra provides a truly long ‘speech’ just before coming to the crux from the matter.

latest hindi movie ‘Bumboo’ is a film produced with very good intentions but somehow the makers couldn’t transform the original thought onto the celluloid.

You are able to usually watch ‘Bumboo’ to help the storytellers who dare to go against the established industry norms. -latest hindi movie

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Latest Hindi Movies : Agent Vinod

Latest Hindi Movies

latest hindi movies

Latest Hindi Movies – Its a Latest Hindi Movies below the hysterical of Eros Leisure and Saif Ali Khan’s property manufacturing. In this film Saif Ali Khan playing a Agent Vinod role. Latest Hindi Movies is about a spy thriller with a nuclear twist. It’s filled with motion parts, thrills, and characters. Saif playing a slick, stylish along with a daredevil spook. Considering that Saif is also co-producing apart from acting in it, lots of brainstorming sessions were held among him and director Sriram Raghavan to produce it an action thriller having a distinction. This Latest Hindi Movies is a mixture of thriller and crime, Latest Hindi Movies has been shot within the stunning areas of Sri Lanka, Morocco, Riga (Latvia) and Amchi Mumbai. Agent Vinood 2011 is the first Indian film shoot in Morocco and presence of Kareena Kapoor with Saif Ali Khan tends to make it one in the huge releases in this year 2011. Saif’s girlfriend Kareena Kapoor plays a character with shades of grey. Furthermore, she’ll be observed carrying out some deadly stunts.

Unique Attraction:- As this movie is full of Action like jet skying etc.Kareena kapoor was initial afraid of jet skying but Saif make her agree to complete. Their last movie Qurban failed to get considerable accomplishment so their professional career is dependent upon the accomplishment of this film. Agent’s function Saif lost 9 Km weight and reduces his muscles. In this movie Kareena and Saif are playing roles of secret agent – Latest Hindi Movies

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Blood Money Latest Hindi Movies Review:

latest hindi movies

latest hindi movies

What would you expect from a young man who lands himself a cushy job in Cape Town (no less! ), that as well using a major diamond organization? Get sucked into the big negative globe of dare devilry, large income, drugs and needless to say terrorism, for certain. Debutant director Vishal S. Mahadkar who has little to offer you as a way to deviate from the Visheh Films staple diet plan of adore deceit, glamour and gore, provides us Blood Money, latest hindi movies a rehash of umpteen latest hindi movies that you’re certain to play in the thoughts while watching. As expected his virtually fairytale life with his wife Arzoo (Amrita Puri), slowly turns nightmarish, as he gets dragged into a diamond trap. Why? Or how? Do not even ask. Because all goody lovey dovey boys from India who seek employment in foreign land end up turning wily within the slimy globe that all foreign shores offer in latest hindi movies, this 1 is no distinct. Therefore the one-time pizza delivery boy from Mumbai is exposed for the gory diamond mafia, traders of illegal weapons and cold-blooded criminals. And needless to add, the frontrunner in this crime chain is his personal boss, Zaveri (played by Manish Chaudhuri). Lastly, his ambition to find a shortcut to success leaves him with only two options – sell his soul for good results, or get prepared for a bloodbath.

Did I hear you say, “Oh No..not again! Why, haven’t we all observed it all in Bhatt’s personal scripts? But almost certainly that’s not what the Bhatts had been thinking once they decided to cast a brand new pair (Amrita Puri and Kunal Kemmu) and wove a storyline in a familiar territory. To be fair, the film is fashionable, has been nicely shot and competently acted by Kunal Kemu and Manish Choudhary, the cigar smoking boss of the young Kemmu. Kemmu, whose modest beginnings turn lustily into greed soon immediately after the lure with the huge bucks is irresistible for him, tries his very best to ingest life into some hackneyed scenes and also more trite lines. And yes, like the staple ingredient in Vishesh latest hindi movies, there is certainly dollops of sex as well, including a close to erotic lesbian scene. But in contrast to all their earlier films, the latest hindi moviess has some of the most uninspired songs ever composed. This, even immediately after they’ve roped in the likes of Rahat Fateh Ali Khan and Sunidhi Chauhan. – latest hindi movies

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latest hindi movie – Ek Main Aur Ekk Tu : review

latest hindi movie

latest hindi movie

latest hindi movie – UTV Motion Pictures and Dharma Productions are set for the release of their next co-production  Ek Main aur Ekk Tu, latest hindi movie hitting cinemas in the UK on 10thFebruary 2012.

After Ra.One and Agneepath, Ek Main aur Ekk Tu will now be the third latest hindi movie film to show at the Cineworld Sky Superscreen at The O2 in London from Friday onwards.

The Sky Superscreen at The O2 is Europe’s biggest non-IMAX screen and was earlier sold out for Dharma Productions last release, Agneepath featuring Hritihik Roshan and Priyanka Chopra.

The screen has a capacity of up to 770 seats and some shows of the new Imran-Kareena starrer will be shown there for the first four days.

While the trailer was premiered on the Superscreen a few weeks ago, film buffs are excited to see the much awaited film on the big screen.

latest hindi movie -“The Ek Main aur Ekk Tu trailer really popped on the Sky Superscreen at Cineworld O2, as it is indeed vibrant and full of colour. Many of the cool moments from the latest hindi movie, were shown in snippets and the soundtrack and its peppy vibe were apparent. The crowds who watched the trailer before Nanban (the Tamil remake of 3 Idiots) and Agneepath, responded well to the trailer and EMAET has been causing quite a lot of buzz in the UK,” says Ashanti Omkar, BBC Publishing contributing editor for Cineworld Unlimited magazine.

Speaking about Indian films showing at the Sky Superscreen she  further added: “It is also an exciting new development that Indian films are getting top billing at the Cinworld Superscreen, just as Ra.One premiered there and ran in 3D at the screen, followed by the Tamil film Nanban and then Agneepath, which filled the screen on opening weekend evenings. Following that success, it transpires that the screen is showing Ek Main Aur Ekk Tu for 4 nights including its release night, at the 8pm screening. It is very likely that all 770 seats will be occupied and the film’s fun rom-com like vibe fits in well with its near Valentines release.”- latest hindi movie

The film which stars Imran Khan and Kareena Kapoor in pivotal roles has been written and directed by debutant Shakun Batra and produced by Karan Johar, who is well known for romantic love stories.

Commenting about the likes and dislikes of the UK audience, Johar recently said on TV show: “ UK audiences like Family films and its very strange, sometimes films that do well in Bihar, do well in the UK.  The people there like good looking clothes, good looking wedding songs etc. They don’t react to anything new.”

It may be noted here that five films in the top ten all-time highest grossing Bollywood films at the UK Box Office are produced by Karan Johar’s Dharma Productions. His latest hindi movie offering Ek Main aur Ekk Tu will release across UK cinemas this Friday on 10th February.- latest hindi movie

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Akshaye Khanna Is Back with ‘Gali Gali Chor Hai’- latest hindi movies


latest hindi movies

latest hindi movies

latest hindi movies – It’s been 15 years since his checkered career took off with “Himalayputra” (1977), produced by Vinod Khanna to launch his doughty son as actor. (latest hindi movies)

Later that year, Akshaye Khanna got his first hit in “Border” and made an award-winning impact in the presence of heavyweights Sunny Deol and Jackie Shroff as well as senior Suniel Shetty.
It’s been a mixed innings of hits and flops since, but through both, the opinion has been unanimous on one aspect: Khanna Jr. is a damn good actor.
His special highs include (latest hindi movies) “Dil Chahta Hai,” “Humraaz” and “Deewangee” in the same year respectively as a gold-digger blackguard and the fierce cop; “Hungama” that explored his wonderful comic side; and more recently, his deadly turn in “Race”; his cute act in “Mere Baap Pahele Aap”; his intense “Aakrosh” and that scene-stealing turn in “Tees Maar Khan.” –latest hindi movies
Of course there is his favorite film, “Gandhi – My Father,” too.
Back after a gap of over a year, Khanna portrays the beleaguered common man in “Gali Gali Chor Hai,” his latest hindi movies, scheduled to release Feb.3.
As a person, Khanna has evolved from his brusque, moody days — we had met last in a group almost seven years ago. He has turned up for the media meet an hour earlier (when many stars walk in unapologetically two hours behind schedule) and is the epitome of pleasant courtesy. The intensity within him is palpable in the room: the actor is passionate about everything he does, whatever he thinks and the way he puts his thoughts across.
The two of us are alone, and all that the actor insists on is that an India-West reporter watch the short promo of the film before we get started on our chat. – latest hindi movies

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Chaalis Chauraasi (4046) – latest hindi movies


latest hindi movies

latest hindi movies

latest hindi movies Director Hriday Shetty’s most current latest hindi movies Chaalis Chauraasi, which boasts of casting of talented actors like Naseeruddin Shah, Kay Kay Menon, Atul Kulkarni and Ravi Kishen, had developed a great deal of expectations among the latest hindi movies buffs. But its ordinary story does not stand high up to their stature.

Chaalis Chauraasi is crime comedy film and stellar efficiency by lead actors will be the major highlight in it. However the film has far more demerits than the plus points. Boring music and badly executed action scenes. The latest hindi movies begins out as a comic caper, but ends with displaying of blood and gore. In between, 1 can not cease yawning.

Sir Pankaj Suri (Naseeruddin Shah), Albert (Kay Kay Menon), Bobby (Atul Kulkarni) and Shakti (Ravi Kishan) are cops and they see an opportunity to an excellent future once they are given a mission to pull off. Items take a twist when an additional cop (Rajesh Sharma) stops their van en-route and takes them as his backup to catch a hazardous gangster (Zakir Hussain).

Naseeruddin Shah, Kay Kay Menon, Atul Kulkarni and Ravi Kishan have delivered wonderful efficiency and the latest hindi movies ought to be watched for their stellar performances. But the Hriday Shetty has wasted their talent. There is certainly nothing much to speak about Lalit Pandit’s music. Dialogues are excellent in parts. Overall, the latest hindi movies can be watched for lead stars.- latest hindi movies

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