latest hindi movie Review: Delhi In A Day is entertaining

latest hindi movie

latest hindi movie

latest hindi movie Early morning in Delhi and the Bhatia family is still asleep. That does not mean there is no activity going on in the household. The (latest hindi movie) family’s four household helps and two drivers are already awake and running the household machinery, so that their employers can have a smooth morning.

But then disaster strikes. The air-conditioner in the master bedroom breaks down and it rudely wakes up Kalpana Bhatia (Lilette Dubey, who was born to play the upper class Punjabi memsahib from Delhi). And as memsahibs like her do even when there is minor sense of discomfort, she starts to yell out for her domestic help — Raghu, Udai Singh, Chottu and Rohini.

Welcome to the world created by filmmaker Prashant Nair in his directorial debut, latest hindi movie Delhi In A Day — a sweet, charming, at times, sad and upsetting, but always real portrayal of life in an upper class Indian household (I do not think the story is particular to Delhi or to Punjabis). This world is sometimes observed through the eyes of an outsider — a young British guest, Jasper (Lee Williams). – (latest hindi movie)

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