Latest Hindi Movie : Loot Review

latest hindi movie


latest hindi movie – No one is acting in this latest hindi movie. Everybody appears to be in a tearing hurry for the shoot to obtain over and to head back property. There isn’t any storyline in this latest hindi movie as well as the actors aren’t acting, they are mumbling some words that looks like a person forced a bitter pill in their mouths.

Envision a scene, Govinda in a blue, checked lungi sitting with Jaaved Jaffrey (also in a blue lungi) lounging about in a hotel space and asking a ‘healthy’ Mahakshay Chakraborty about his last night’s sexual escapades with Shweta Bhardwaj who just looks, stares and pouts at the camera. You will find some latest hindi movie that most actors attempt to hide – ask them and they’ll never discuss the film, even to the point of denying that they had shot for the film. This latest hindi movie fits perfectly into that bracket.

As for the storyline – the latest hindi movie is about how a bunch of crooks land up in Pattaya looking for some other crooks and then finish up meeting some other crooks. Well, as you get lost inside the jungleof crooks, there will probably be some rhyming couplets mouthed by Govinda as dialogues and then some dance number where his paunch is clearly sticking out.

As footnote let us say that this latest hindi movie had a therapeutic effect on those of us who did not have a correct night’s sleep, the prior day. The latest hindi movie put us to sleep in a theatre using a blaring, Dolby digital sound program. What far more can we ask for? – latest hindi movie.

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