Oh My God : Review

Oh My God ReviewOh My God Review – That amazingly skilled actor Paresh Rawal does exactly that. He raises a voice against organised religion and the merchandising of faith whereby a common man’s threshold of belief in the divine power is weighed against the amount of money he rustles up to appease the Gods. The point, made with telling acerbity in Oh My God Review is that God doesn’t want our money.

Then who is pocketing the billions that flow into the religious industry each year in the name of God? Based on a long-running play, Oh My God Review adapts the delicious premise of the staged event, questioning not the presence of God but the absence of sincerity in His self-appointed minions. That Paresh Rawal reprises his role of Kanjilal, the non-believer who drags ‘God’ to court, is a stroke of luck for this arresting adaptation. He rattles off the most iconoclastic lines in the most convincing and endearing tones rendering the figureheads of organised religions into redundant blubbering entities.

And yet-and this is the film’s salient triumph — it doesn’t seem to insult or ridicule any religious belief.Oh My God Review questions the scared cows without milking those cows for effect. There is an inner strength to the ideas and beliefs put forward in this films Oh My God Review. These provide a centrality to the plot that could easily have gotten lost in the maze of philosophical idea and religious cynicism.

The film exudes a powerful scent of sincerity. Much of it can be sourced to Paresh who brings splendid conviction and power to his lines. Mithun Chakraborty gives another brave and believable performance as a Nrityanand-like guru. The delicate feminine touch is just oh-so-delectable. Mithunda, you are a cool cat!

My problem was in watching Akshay Kumar play God. To begin with his role is sketchy in comparison with the sharp lines used for portraying Kanjilal. In the absence of an existential persuasion in his arguments ‘God’, Akshay Kumar resorts to homilies and half-smiles all flashed in a hazily captured image of a God who rides a Harley Davidson.

While Paresh’s non-believer is infused in believability, Akshay’s God fails to take off. But the film works, because it tears into sanctimonious manifestations of the very private issue of faith and religion, challenging the God-men to a game of mental chess that leaves the religious charlatans looking helpless and defenceless.

On the minus side there is a conspicuous staginess in the verbosity that is ironically the backbone of the proceedings. A film like Oh My God Review is near-extinct in mainstream Hindi cinema. It dares to raise questions that mass-oriented cinema generally shies away from. For this display of creative daring, producer Akshay Kumar may be excused his vanity of playing God.

Interesting, thought-provoking and based on a novel premise (sue God!) Oh My God Review is a delightful little creation that challenges the merchandising of religion, no offence meant to the temples of doom. Paresh is outstanding in making irreverence seem endearing. Thank God for good actors.

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latest hindi movies – Barfi! review

latest hindi movieslatest hindi movies – Soft instrumental music plays in the background. An actor switches in between funny expressions and a straight face with ease. He trips more than the side walk and he hasn’t got one particular line of dialogue to speak. Whilst this may seem like a description of a Charlie Chaplin film, it is also an precise account of latest hindi movies! Its numerous silent film references are just a tip of the iceberg. At its warm gooey heart is a love triangle between a confused young girl, a mute hero and mentally challenged girl. And by the end of it’ll urge you to stand up and give it an old-fashioned applause.

The latest hindi movies opens with an old man crawling out of this bed, setting up the camera and sitting in front of it to get a portrait shot. The film camera zooms into each and every action and you hardly catch a glimpse in the actor. Until obviously the nonetheless camera clicks and you realise it’s Ranbir Kapoor with grey hair. It’s intelligent film design and this characteristic runs via latest hindi movies! proper till the finish. The explanation it is so important is that the camera and the narrative are the fourth and fifth characters of this film. They amplify the emotions and situations in the three lead characters.

The three leads then are the anchors. Ranbir as Barfi may be the deaf and mute guy who lives life without handicaps. He falls for Shruti (Ileana D’Cruz) but she’s forever confused if she loves him or not. And then there’s Priyanka Chopra as Jhilmil, who’s autistic, Ranbir’s childhood friend and really possibly probably the most critical character in latest hindi movies! Their really like triangle is as opposed to any you’ve seen ahead of. Particularly the odd pairing of Barfi and Jhilmil. Their handicaps aren’t one thing you sympathize with basically because their unaffected enjoy puts blinders on your eyes. By the time the climax approaches you wish for them to become together.

The purpose these characters infiltrate the depths of your emotions is their respective actors’ performances. This is Ileana’s first film but her great performance is just a testament why the Telugu audience contemplate her a superstar. Of course it also assists that she is the most appealing visual inlatest hindi movies! out shining even the scenic hills of Darjeeling. Ranbir Kapoor has proved he’s the actor in town. And Barfi is one far more addition to the films we’ll keep in mind him for. Yes his character has inspirations of Chaplin, Buster Keaton and Harold Llyod but latest hindi movies is a lot much more. He’s the guy who cannot speak a word, yet each line he acts out on screen you’re in a position to read inside your thoughts, even though you don’t know head or tail of sign language. That is the magic of Ranbir and his efficiency. And then there’s the surprise package of Priyanka Chopra. She looks her part and her rendition of an autistic character is by far the best representation of this condition on Indian celluloid. She breaks your heart, numbs your eyes and makes you smile all in the identical breath.

A key aspect why Computer is so effective is Anurag Basu’s decision to not give her dialogue. Pc literally has much less than ten lines to speak in the entire film and it is her nervous silence that offers you a heavy heart. Basu also offers his film a jumpy narrative that juggles in between present day, 1972 and 1978 with no distinct order. This does generate complexity but all of it has masterful detail and continuity.

latest hindi movies! is the fact that rare film that can make you smile and make you cry in the identical scene. Its technical brilliance is only outdone by its emotional complexity and depth. Pritam’s music adds a nice silent-era charm to this already great story, generating it an occasion when words simply aren’t enough.

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MOVIE-‘Raaz 3’ review: Bipasha Basu’s stupendous acting is to watch out for!

MOVIE-‘Raaz 3’ review

MOVIE-‘Raaz 3’ review

Ananya Bhattacharya

MOVIE-‘Raaz 3’ review – No matter what, if people are asked to point out the most striking feature of Vikram Bhatt’s MOVIE-‘Raaz 3’ review, they would undoubtedly put their fingers on Shanaya Shekhar. Bipasha Basu performs the character with a finesse that one might – I admit – only hope to replicate, and perhaps succeed. But the woman sweeps you off your feet. Whether with her devilish laughter ringing in the ears long after one leaves the theatre or with the bloodshot eyes where all the raaz ( MOVIE-‘Raaz 3’ review) resides, Basu casts a spell with her Shanaya.

Shanaya Shekhar is the actress every producer dreams of roping in and every director aims at directing. In the film industry, Shanaya is the reigning star. Till Sanjana Krishna (Esha Gupta) forays into it. Three years after the entry of Sanjana, Shanaya becomes a producer’s choice – only if Sanjana denies signing a film. Aditya Arora (Emraan Hashmi) is a director who rises to fame, thanks to Shanaya (or so thinks the latter). Shanaya’s desire to ruin Sanjana makes her resort to black magic, and what ensues is MOVIE-‘Raaz 3’ review.

The film stands out more for the acting of its cast than its other aspects, I daresay. Emraan Hashmi, by now, has been able to strike a chord with his audience. After a not-so-acclaimed Sonu Dilli KKC in ‘Jannat 2’ and an extremely well-received Joginder Parmar in ‘Shanghai’, Hashmi has managed to prove his detractors wrong. His acting skills are way more convincing now, and he manages to perform the Director-in-dilemma well enough – both when he is kissing and when he is not.

Esha Gupta has taken her performance several notches higher, but at times is overshadowed by the others. The fact that she is just one film old in the industry might work to her benefit, but her acting requires polishing. As the coy, shy, lovelorn Sanjana, Gupta is charming. Comparisons with the film’s predecessors are inevitable given that it is the third in the franchise. Esha performs way better than what Kangna did in ‘Raaz 2’, but Bipasha in the first one is undoubtedly the one who shines steadily among the trio of the damsels in distress.

The film’s technical aspects are commendable. Vikram Bhatt is the man who brought 3D horror films to the country, and in his third rendezvous with the technique, he has performed really well. After ‘Haunted 3D’ and ‘Dangerous Ishq’, the third film from the director is actually brilliant as far as the 3D is concerned. Several scenes stand out among the plethora of enlarged insects and objects flying towards the audience; and the one where Sanjana is attacked by innumerable cockroaches deserves a special mention. I’m not very scared of cockroaches as such, but henceforth when a cockroach flies at me, I might have to scream out loud.

Vishesh Films and the Bhatts have a way with the music in their films. Songs like ‘Rafta Rafta’ and ‘Deewana Kar Raha Hain’ will be hummed, sung and whistled by many people and for a long time to come. Bipasha in the title track is hot enough to fire your brains out.

For a person who isn’t scared easily, MOVIE-‘Raaz 3’ review wouldn’t be able to do much. However, it doesn’t have the used-and-abused clichés of blood running out of water taps and windows incessantly banging in the wind – and thank god for that. The film somewhere seems lacking something as far as the element of horror is concerned. Ample usage of the technology of 3D might have been able to make up for it at places, but sending chills down the spine all through is not what the film does.

Watch MOVIE-‘Raaz 3’ review for Bipasha and its 3D factor. The sheen of Shanaya wouldn’t disappoint you. And like Shanaya so confidently claims in the film, Bipasha too “was a star, is a star, and will always remain a star”. – MOVIE-‘Raaz 3’ review

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latest hindi movie Review: Delhi In A Day is entertaining

latest hindi movie

latest hindi movie

latest hindi movie Early morning in Delhi and the Bhatia family is still asleep. That does not mean there is no activity going on in the household. The (latest hindi movie) family’s four household helps and two drivers are already awake and running the household machinery, so that their employers can have a smooth morning.

But then disaster strikes. The air-conditioner in the master bedroom breaks down and it rudely wakes up Kalpana Bhatia (Lilette Dubey, who was born to play the upper class Punjabi memsahib from Delhi). And as memsahibs like her do even when there is minor sense of discomfort, she starts to yell out for her domestic help — Raghu, Udai Singh, Chottu and Rohini.

Welcome to the world created by filmmaker Prashant Nair in his directorial debut, latest hindi movie Delhi In A Day — a sweet, charming, at times, sad and upsetting, but always real portrayal of life in an upper class Indian household (I do not think the story is particular to Delhi or to Punjabis). This world is sometimes observed through the eyes of an outsider — a young British guest, Jasper (Lee Williams). – (latest hindi movie)

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latest hindi movies – Farah Khan shines in pastiche Parsi romance in Shirin Farhad Ki Toh Nikal Padi

latest hindi movies

latest hindi movies

latest hindi movies : Mehta’s Pestonjee was remarkably accurate in portraying the benign quirks of the Parsi community. So is Sehgal. Though not a Parsi herself, she plunges into the centre of the dwindling community’s eccentricities without trying to give the characters any kind of a novel existence beyond what they are stereotypically known for.

The latest hindi movies love story of Shirin (Farah Khan in a remarkably poised debut) and Farhad (Boman Irani, as natural as ever) holds no surprises. They meet, they smirk, they walk hand-in-hand, he mistakes her invitation for coffee in her home for suggestion for sex. While she makes him coffee, he waits for her undressed. And you know the rest.

The portrayal of Farhad’s mother (Daisy Irani) and grandmother (Shammi) reveals the film’s writer Sanjay Leela Bhansali’s penchant for loud extroverted singing, dancing, chortling ageing woman characters, e.g Helen in Bhansali’s Khamoshi: The Musical and Kirron Kher in Devdas.

(latest hindi movies) Beneath all the feminine giggles (bras and panties, hee hee) and male guffaws (“tera rocket kab phutega”?) that surround the theme of courtship between a middle-aged couple for whom life is neither a picnic nor a funeral, Sehgal seeks out silent passages of undulating sensitivity.

Listen carefully. The film makes terrific use of silent moments that are becoming progressively rare in our cinema. Farah Khan is specially reticent, a mysterious smile hovering in her eyes constantly as though she knows that life, and life in the movies, is a secret joke. In her scenes with her comatose screen-dad, Farah’s eyes melt with affection.

(latest hindi movies) Yup, she handles the emotional moments better than the comic.

Boman seems to be reined-in. It’s like a new singer, say Shailendra Singh when he had to sing duets with Lata Mangeshkar in Raj Kapoor’s Bobby. She had to hold back. Boman does that quite well to let his debutante co-star get comfortable with the camera.

Sehgal has cast true-blue Parsi actors in all the roles, big and small. In fact, I could hardly spot any non-Parsi in the cast!

The comic vein tends to get unwieldy at times, as if the attempt to be funny has taken a toll on the characters’ sense of self-identity. We get a Parsi wacko (Kurush Deboo) who runs amok with an antique gun threatening to kill anyone who comes in his way.(latest hindi movies) He doesn’t make much sense in the scheme of the plot. But then, what makes sense in life other than the senselessness that we see see all around us?

Sehgal doesn’t try to make sense of the chaos. She flows with the chaos seeking laughter in the eccentricity. Hence when an old Parsi gentleman constantly writes love notes to Indira Gandhi, you know he has lost it. And you smile, because eccentricity is a pre-condition in a rom-com about two over-the-hill Parsis, one of whom sells lingerie and meets the woman of his dreams when she comes to buy a brassiere.

Laughter designed on innerwear can never fail. Luckily, the film goes beyond innerwear and seeks a place in one’s heart. The director emerges with some truly heartwarming moments between Boman and Farah. Unki love story to nikal padi. latest hindi movies

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latest hindi movie : Ek Tha Tiger becomes second biggest grosser after 3 Idiots

latest hindi movie

latest hindi movie

Salman Khan’s latest hindi movie Ek Tha Tiger has not only crossed Rs. 150 cr in India, the film is now the second biggest grosser after 3 Idiots. The movie has also beat the lifetime business of Salman’s another film Dabangg. “As you read this, latest hindi movie #EkThaTiger has *crossed* 150 cr nett in India *today*.

2nd biggest grosser of Hindi cinema, after #3Idiots,” tweeted trade expert Taran Adarsh.

latest hindi movie “#EkThaTiger *actuals* Wed 10.45 cr. Total: 147.60 cr nett. Crosses lifetime biz of #Dabangg [147 cr]. AMAZING!” Adarsh tweeted.

First Weekend
latest hindi movie “Ek Tha Tiger made an approx 11.75 Crores on it’s 1st Friday at the box office. After opening to a humongous 32.92 Crores and grossing 14.55 Crores on it’s 2nd Day, latest hindi movie Ek Tha Tiger looks pretty steady with 59.22 Crores in it’s pocket,” reports Koimoi.com.

“The movie might have seen a steady fall in its last two days but one can surely account that to working days not being huge grossing days. However, Ek Tha Tiger has created a new record at the Indian Box Office. In its 1st weekend (i.e. 1st 3 days run) it has grossed about 59 crores which is the highest ever in Indian history. Post Monday, when the fasting season of Ramadan gets over, there is no saying what collections will the movie make,” adds the website.

2nd day collections
“After shattering every record possible to shreds Ek Tha Tiger moved to its 2nd day. As per early estimates the movie would have made 16 crores on it’s Day 2 at the Indian Box Office. Ek Tha Tiger had grossed a humongous 32.92 crores on its Day 1 and its total box office collections till date stands at 48.92 crores,” reported Koimoi.com.

“The fall was quite expected as Thursday was a working day and not a holiday unlike Wednesday. However, the movie is expected to hit the chords again this weekend. There is no doubt that Ek Tha Tiger will prove to be an all time blockbuster at the box office if it sustains its momentum even for a weekend,” added the website. latest hindi movie

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Cocktail: Movie Review

Cocktail: Movie Review

Cocktail: Movie Review

Cocktail: Movie Review follows the fundamental Bollywood genre-geometry of a love triangle. The excellent component about this one, unlike most love triangles, is that the 3 protagonists get to understand who loves whom fairly early within the picture and also the revelation isn’t stretched till the climax. Nevertheless, beyond a point, the film isn’t able to use this element to its merit and falls for the typical selection of spite-to-sacrifice sentiments of any triangular love story. Cocktail, essentially, is the very same prose with new grammar. Cocktail: Movie Review
So the story is about a compulsive flirt Gautam (Saif Ali Khan) who gets into a no-strings-attached partnership together with the hot-n-happening Veronica (Deepika Padukone). Girl-next-door Meera (Diana Penty) is literally the girl Gautam requires house to his mother (Dimple Kapadia) to cover-up his live-in with Veronica. Until by interval point his heart starts fluttering for Meera. And also the rest as they say is ‘history’. Cocktail: Movie Review

The characterizations are basically been-there-seen-that. The guy is commitment-phobic till he meets his match and realizes what ‘true love’ is. The firang female has a frivolous attitude till she realizes she, too, is vulnerable to feelings. The introvert desi dame is not aware of her own beauty till the boy makes her understand it. Additional she goes inside the let-go-love-for-friend mode. – Cocktail: Movie Review

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‘Gangs Of Wasseypur’: latest hindi movie


latest hindi movie

latest hindi movie

latest hindi movie – Riding high on the good results of Gangs of Wasseypur, maverick filmmaker Anurag Kashyap remarked that audience does not realize latest hindi movie. Kashyap recently remarked that India is suffering because the audience right here tend not to endorse the excellent cinema.

“People say that we do not make adequate very good latest hindi movie. But, I wish to ask, who endorses such cinema once they do get produced? Audience usually do not comprehend the pains we filmmakers take to bring an excellent story to screen however it is quite simple to complain,” he said in an earlier interview.

Interestingly, Anurag had also are available in the line of fire when it was reported that the price range of the latest hindi movie was Rs 45 crores. He cleared the air on Twitter: “To Clear all misconceptions regarding the spending budget of Gangs of Wasseypur.The price with the two parts with each other is 18.40 crore which tends to make one particular latest hindi movie at 9.20 crore.” He additional tweeted: “45 crore as reported inside the media is false.”

Set in authentic back drop of Wasseypur, a modest town close to Dhanbad is actually a tale of revenge that runs deep within families. It is in universal in theme, is really a tale of revenge, crime, household and adore. In reality the format of Gangs of Wasseypur is so universal that it cuts across all types of audience like an epic Mahabharat or Ramayan would. – latest hindi movie

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latest hindi movies – ‘Rowdy Rathore’


latest hindi movies

latest hindi movies

latest hindi movies- Bollywood’s quite personal Khiladi Akshay Kumar has kept the Box Office busy with his rowdiest act ever!  latest hindi movies ‘Rowdy Rathore’, directed by Prabhu Deva, occurs to become Akki’s comeback action film.

The hunk of an actor, whose multi-starrer flick ‘Housefull 2’ as well turned out to become a BO churner, has proved that he can single-handedly shoulder a film’s fate!

Trade analyst Taran Adarsh is going gaga more than the film’s efficiency in the BO. Adarsh took to Twitter and wrote, “#RowdyRathore Breakup:- Fri 15.1 cr, Sat 14.7 cr, Sun 18.five cr +. Total: Rs 48.5 cr + nett. Greatest non-holiday weekend. Fantabulous!(sic).”

latest hindi movies-  “#RowdyRathore features a M-A-S-S-I-V-E Sunday. Emerges the greatest non-holiday opener ever in Bollywood history(sic), Adarsh tweeted.

The trade analyst also mentioned that latest hindi movies ‘Rowdy Rathore’ has completed greater than ‘Agneepath’ in opening weekend.

“#RowdyRathore biz is *better* than this year`s 1st Blockbuster #Agneepath, if one particular compares Friday to Sunday numbers(sic),” Adarsh wrote on the micro-blogging web site.

Adrash also feels that the Akshay Kumar starrer will outdo several other films released so far this year.

He wrote, “#RowdyRathore Monday trends: Rocking… Anticipate a big, fat total on Monday… `Wowdy` Rathore!(sic).”

Looks like folks like Akki when he is at his “rowdiest” best. What say?

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Shanghai : latest hindi movies


latest hindi movies

Shanghai : latest hindi movies

latest hindi movies – Dibakar Banerjee’s Shanghai had critics going gaga over it. Though, trade pundits had hinted that the latest hindi movies may not get a blockbuster opening that is expected from an Emraan Hashmi venture, the weekend collection of approximately Rs 12 crore may force them to change their minds. In fact, trade analyst Amod Mehra predicted, “Shanghai will break even. That is for sure.”

However, according to the makers, the latest hindi movies has already recovered its cost. Distributor Rajesh Thadani, for one says it is the satellite rights that have helped its cause. “Though theatrical response to the latest hindi movies is not up to the mark, the satellite rights have helped it sail through,” said Thadani.

TOI has learnt that the satellite rights of Shanghai latest hindi movies have been sold for Rs 8 crore and the music rights for Rs 2.75 crore. Also, 20 per cent of theatrical rights have been sold for Rs 4 crore.

The producers claim that the latest hindi movies was made on a tight budget of Rs 19.5 crore. When asked how they managed to rope in Emraan Hashmi, Abhay Deol, Kalki Koechlin and Prosenjeet Chatterjee on such meagre monies, producer Priya Sreedharan explained, “It is not right to compare a small latest hindi movies to a big budget film. They have all done it for us for a good price. We are glad to have recovered costs.”

Incidentally, Sujoy Ghosh’s Kahaani starring Vidya Balan, had a similar start earlier this year. The film that opened to a small audience, with effective word of mouth publicity, went on to pull bigger numbers in the second week. Shanghai too has a week before Vidhu Vinod Chopra’s Ferrari Ki Sawaari takes over the theatres.

But that hasn’t managed to take away from director Dibakar’s happiness. “The film is doing great. In fact, today I was in a suburban multiplex with Emraan for the 3.30 pm show. There was 60 per cent occupancy,” he told TOI.
Check out Bollywood Star Homepages – latest hindi movies

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